Here you will find products that I love.  I will not list a product if I, or a member of my household, has not used.  I depend on honest reviews of products and I know you do to!  The links listed here are affiliate links and that means that I may earn a commission when you shop through this link.  Happy shopping!




Skechers are another of my absolute favorite shoes!  They are so comfortable!  They are my Friday-is-jean-day go to shoe!  There are so many styles and colors!  My oldest daughter works as a waitress to earn money for college and she wears the no-slip black slip on shoe and never complains about her feet hurting.  I just realized that Skechers also has men’s workbooks!  This will by my next Skechers purchase because my husband has been complaining for weeks about his work books!




If you don’t have a Cricut, you are just missing out on all kinds of teacher fun!  By default of teacher personality, we just ADORE making cute stuff–cutting, gluing, preparing new bulletin boards.  I just don’t think you can be a teacher without having this personality trait! Haha!  Using a Cricut opens up your ability to take your classroom decor to another level!  All those things you put on your Pinterest classroom boards–phhssssstttt–now YOU can make them…right at home!  My classroom has a pirate them.  I made all the decorations on my Cricut.  From the Treasure Map I had on the wall, to the Pirate ship I had on the door, to the bulletin board that said, “First Mate” and was decorated with anchors. Another great way to use the Cricut is to make your own custom teacher T-shirts, or your own vinyl teacher window clings.  The possibilities are endless!   Look now for free shipping until the end of July!  


Another store that I really love…and that has some very unique itmes…is the Really Good Stuff store!  You can always find what you need…and more!  They have wonderful organizational items and they have them in fun, bright colors!  If you have an idea in mind for storage or just something a little different–go shop here!  I have bought several products from here and the quality of products is great for the money you pay!  And they are having a back to school sale!  Woot Woot!!!


Beauty Products


Finally, a shopping center near me put in a Sally Beauty Supply and I was thrilled!  We use that little store a lot, especially for teenage girls!  Proms, homecoming, dance recitals and competitions…our little family keeps them cleared out of fake eyelashes and bobby pins! They always seem to have the most unique hair styling products.  Click on over to see the great sale they have going on now! 


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