Back to School ALREADY?!

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Back to School ALREADY?!

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As bad as I hate to say it, “Teachers, it’s time to start PLANNING!!!

In my neck of the woods, we have about 6 weeks until the students arrive back in the classroom!  

Now is a great time to be sllooowwwwwllllllyyyyyy (I did say slowly!) getting your mind wrapped around some new ideas that you may want to begin in the classroom.  

One new concept you may want to begin is Project Based Learning.  I promise you that if you start, you won’t go back to the traditional way of teaching–with tons of worksheets and students remaining in their seats like little robots.  

The weight of the guilt you will feel will crush you if you even try to teach like that!  When teachers use tons of worksheets, little minds do not become curious.  Which means that they aren’t learning much at all!

We all know that the easy access of technology has changed this generation of students.  We didn’t grow up like these kids have grown up.  They don’t know some of the vital things that we found out just by playing in the backyard.

By implementing project based learning, you can help foster some of these experiences.  

So, with this new beginning in mind, I am going to help you out!  I will be posting a 6-week, Get-Your-Engines-Running (slowly at first!) plan for beginning project-based learning in your classroom.  

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Joshua 1:9

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